Bed time in serene blues and greys

Monday morning. And the only place I could imagine being is in one of these serene bedrooms for a peaceful siesta...  Scandinavian greys, blues and whites. *sigh* how lovely!

From the beautiful new French Connection 'Home' collection

Via Kika Reichert
Louise Roe
Via Mechant Design

Via Mokkasin

There's nothing like a little luxurious bedding. My staple favourites are The White Company and Himla. Do you have any coveted bed linen?

PS Three nights on a sailingboat is enough to dream of a beautiful 'princess and the pea' style bed like the multi-matressed one in the picture above. We did have a lovely time though with a sail to the island of Ven and I finally made it to the Karen Blixen museum in Denmark since we moored up right outside!  I hope you all had a great weekend too?

PPS sorry if I missed credits, it's very difficult when using Pinterest, but I thought these bedrooms too beautiful to pass up!

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