Styling from the weekend

How was your weekend?? I woke up with a nice sense of relief on Sunday, you know the kind of mood you feel after you've managed to put to bed a few big projects...

The photoshoot I styled with Michael Paul was done. He has taken some beautiful shots and I'm very excited to attend his "Sweet Paris" book launch on Tuesday evening in Notting Hill (I'm secretly hoping that Australian Chef Bill Granger will be there).
Our Spring Summer catalogue is being sent out this week to UK customers and that was a massive project in itself!!
So basically there were two more things to do:  Mila's Birthday party and another photo shoot with MILK magazine in June and that's it, I could relax...

So bright & early on Sunday, I made some pancakes for breakfast for Mila and her friend Clara and then bake a chocolate coconut cake for Mila to take to school.
OK I was one week behind schedule but as we say in French: "On ne peut être à la fois au four et au moulin" which means that you can be in two places at once.

Anyway, once the cake was done, it gave me an idea for the Christmas catalogue so I tried a few 'styling' ideas...

I won't share with you the recipe quite yet because frankly since my friend Verity gave me the recipe when we were in New-Zealand for Christmas, I must have done it a dozen times and put on 2 kilos so trust me YOU REALLY DON'T WANT the recipe before the bikini season but I promise to give it to you after the Summer because it's a very easy recipe and it is just amazingly de-li-cious!

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