Favourite winter candle & inspiring packaging

Have you noticing how different and inspiring packaging can be when you travel abroad? Coming from an advertising background, I've always been attracted by B&W, graphic art prints and packaging and I find it really fascinating to see how typography and graphics are used to enhance the look of a plain wall at home or a simple box.
When I'm in NYC, I love going to go Dean and Deluca and in London, my favourite spot was the Deli around the corner Chez Christophe which sadly has closed down and been replaced by Raouls (I don't like Raouls) and Daylesford organic cafe in Notting Hill.
Yesterday, we were discussing the idea of a BODIE and FOU scented candles collection and while I love the idea, we would only do it if we could find the right supplier. I.e a company that could make quality candles with real wax and not this paraffine malaki candles you get everywhere nowadays. Until we come up with our own range, by favourite winter candle is the Amber scented candle by Cote Bastide which has a very seductive and addictive musk fragrance and I love the candles and packaging by Le Labo  (see below)

 Images: 1 & 2. 3.

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