My home: Dining pendant lights

Hejsan! I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Here in Sweden it was Pappas's day. And we celebrated by errrr,  Pappa and I spending hours putting up our new Porcelight P14 pendant lamps by Danish designer Erik Magnussen from Malmö Modern. I am so happy with the outcome that I've tried to capture it in pictures for yours truly. There's even a blurry one of my man helping with the wiring! Bless him!

All pictures: My Scandinavian Home

What do you think? (best just to say you like them...hahaha). When the lamps are on they let of a beautiful warm glow like in the picture of me blogging in the early hours here:

Oh and in case you're about to do the same here is my two pence worth:

3 tips on hanging pendant lamps over a dining table:

How high should pendant lights hang over a dining table?
If there's more than one and they're relatively small you can hang them quite low. They should be low enough to avoid glare from the bulbs yet high enough to be able to see the other people around the table. Ours are 57cm above the table.

How far apart should the pendant lights hang?
If you have three pendant lights, divide the table into four equal parts and hang the lamps at equal intervals along this line.

How do I get power to all the lights?
We used CableCup ceiling roses for suspension lamps with a splitter so that we could feed the cable in from one end and then through the next two lamps. They seem to work so far...:)

Hope you all had a great weekend and happy Pappa's day to all your wonderful daddys out there! x
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