Soft pinks at home

I'm not a huge fan of the way toys companies or interiors companies produce and market all their products in pink for girls and blue for boys, especially the ones with Barbie, Bob The Builder themed etc...I think given the chance, kids have far more to offer than a life through pink and blue glasses just because of their gender.
Saying that, as a mother I can't deny that a lot of little girls are going through a "pink if not Princess' phase at some point in their lives. Mila did and believe me it was not something I encouraged!!
A couple of years ago I posted two articles "Pink, pink you stink"  and Pink for grown-ups here) that gave advices on how to decorate a little girl bedroom with soft, touches of pink. I think the best way to do this, is to stay clear from the bright Barbie pink and go for vintage pink - a softer colour which goes very well with soft, light grey. So here are three of my favourite pink home accessories that I'll be more than happy to have at home...
1. Vintage pink bed linen in French washed linen (soft and gorgeous!) 2. Soft pink ball chair (looks wonderful next to the white one, the lilac or grey ones) 3. This beautiful tutu in vintage pink (which we have in grey at home)

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