Life with the pool

Now that I know how to crawl, this gives me a great deal of satisfaction, let alone a huge amount of freedom & fun in the water.
My next thing is taking Pilates classes. Last week I was told by my chiropractor that around the age of 50, the upper body of women start to fall down which causes back problems. Did you know that??
It also seems that despite by regular 10K run and fitness level, my body has starting this process earlier than scheduled so I have now about 10 years to improve my core strength and get a fitter body by the time I'm 50 which frankly sucks!

Walking back from the pool...
Me: (making conversation) "I can finally crawl. Do you think I'm good?"
Mila: "um...yes you are but I dont want to say it so let's pretend I said it"...
La voila...
I'm in love with our new Ghost sofa by Paola Navone. Grey tutu from here
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