Behind-the-scenes of a busy weekend

We had a busy but fulfilling weekend...
On Saturday, Mila & I managed a trip to Ikea in less than 1 hour 30 and her bedroom is now sorted with cute storage boxes (photos next week) and came back home just before the snow started to cover beautifully the streets of London. On Sunday, we all went for a long walk in the park early morning before everybody else arrive to make the most of the snow. Afterwards, Steve and Mila went to the cinema while François and I started shooting some nice summery shots for the BODIE and FOU SS2012 and BODIE and FOU Kids.
Someone on Facebook was telling me how nice it was of Mila to pose for me taking a picture while François was doing some tests....Not quite, she was not looking at me, she was trying to watch FREE WILLY which was on TV ;-)

Bat print from here
Tutu from there (I love the frills of these tutus, they are wonderful!)
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