These are a few of my favourite things...

Hi, so I'm Ullis... I live in a house amongst stacks of interior mags, with a head full of interior ideas, unfinished projects and a wish for my very own handyman to come and execute them all. I wouldn't mind if the handyman had a generous wallet too...

I have a particular obsession with lighting in all shapes, sizes or forms. Any lighting signed Tom Dixon is a particular favourite and more than welcome into my home! I love the play with contrasts - industrial vs. organic, hard vs. soft, cold vs. warm. Like his Bulb Chandelier (below). It almost looks like a diamond ring.

Shown above is the geometrical Etch Light. Pictures are from Tom Dixons catalogue which you can find here.

Lighting doesn't always need to be a source of light, it can just serve the purpose of an illuminous installation. I am seriously contemplating something like this to greet guests in the hall...

A scavanger hunt for desk lamps at the 2nd hand stores, a saw, some spray paint, glue and light cords later and you could create something like the above. But sometimes it's not even the light itself that's of interest, it's where or how you place it!

Credit owed where credit is due - I have a folder full of inspirational pictures I have saved over the years making it difficult to trace the source. If you know where the above three pics are from, please let me know and I will update the post!

That's all from me. Lights out!

Niki is back after the weekend. Have a bright one!
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