Mountains for your minnies

Just because you look out over cityscapes every morning it doesn't mean you can't bring a touch of nature to your little ones room!  Check out this inspired creation from Family Living where the owner has moved mountains to create a Lapland feel....

Photo: Family Living Photographer: Martin Cederblad
 Get the Mountain Morning wallpaper from Uppsala Fototapet. The little sleeping cove can be made from wood panels painted in Flugger's S-0500. Buy Sultan mattresses etc. from IKEA. The pink coloured sheet is from H&M home.

Photo: Family Living Photographer: Martin Cederblad
All aboard the mountain express! If you want to go all out..... buy the Mountain Morning WG 211 wallpaper from Uppsala Fototapet (as before).  This is a real Silver birch tree - if they're in abundance in your area and you're allowed, put on that tartan lumber-jack shirt....Source a vintage Kovak cable car on e-bay.

You can find more information on this mountain themed children's bedroom here.

It looks great fun, but I'm not sure if I'd dare. Would you?!
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